Quick catch-up...

Couple years out of University, I studied advertising and journalism as part of a Communication Studies degree, I failed at finding that awesome job. Having missed the creative element in my life, being a New Zealander I took it upon myself to try this thing called blogging. 

Towards the end of 2010 I created Live Love Laugh. That lasted a couple of months. Committing my time to the page fell through - my intrigue to blogs did not.

After leaving family, friends and my home town Wellington in 2012 for the BIG city lifestyle of London, I knew how hopeless I would be in keeping in touch with all the important people in my life....

And so, Bright Lights and the Big City was a name I loved to use as a title and thus creating the blog address girl in the bright lights. Follow me on Twitter @stephiehunt 

Blindly deciding how to shape the blog - the first post about my first Overseas Experience trip to Thailand includes a photo collage and alliteration style stories. This has stuck. I'm becoming more passionate about photography to show case the cities in the best light and reading up on the places I plan to visit to relay for interest. 

Bright Lights and the Big City also saves forwarding emails to everyone back home!

Right now life is lived day by day in London, working, spending hard earned pounds, and planning the years to come with as many adventures, trips and activities as possible. The hardest part? Remembering what I did and post for you all to see! Seriously though, I have ambition and it's about time I drive it all the way home.

Will leave you with a couple of quotes:

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” ~St. Augustine
“What will your travel story be?” ~Katie Eigel

After reading the above, what are your travel plans for your one, daring and precious life?