01 July 2013

Huge clubs, On safari and Spring is over...

After a whole months busy schedule, it's time to knuckle down and summarise spring time in the big city. Considering spring was technically over a month ago.

Better late than never:

S is for Safari Sevens. IRB Sevens tournament landed in Twickenham on May 11. Putting it out there that the best team (and country) won this leg and the entire tournament. Not biased or anything... Go New Zealand! A weekend of safari themed madness. Last year was disco - happy I missed that one. Safari was fun. Many animal onesies seen.

P is for Palladium theatre. West End delivered the next musical to cross off the Big City To Do List, A Chorus Line. First performance in London since 1975. I didn't have a lot of knowledge on the musical - except the song One....singular sensation... A Chorus Line is centred on seventeen Broadway dancers auditioning for spots on a chorus line. The stage is bare to mimic a Broadway theatre and looks into the lives of the performers and the choreographer as they describe their decisions to become dancers. The show was all I could expect it to run, I knew two more songs from various television shows (Glee being one). I was pretty tired and did almost fall asleep, not saying it dragged at all. An interval would have been nice and was missed.

R is for Red velvet whoopie pie. A visit into Hummingbird Cafe for a tasty treat in Angel. Had my first taste of red velvet and whoopie pie. Really, really good!

I is for I need a holiday. Vienna was all good, but came and went too quickly. What does one do to beat the travel blues? Book a holiday! Destination: the city of lights... take two. Can't wait for July 10 to arrive. Paris here I come. Promised to turn up in spring and currently in July. Either a tad late or a tad early from last year's visit in August. Anyway, Versailles and a cruise down the Seine WILL be checked off the list.

N is for Nightclubs. The night-life in London is quite incredible. Girl's night out in Bank, of all places, was amazing. Abacus was the venue of choice. A two story / split level maze. Three huge sections and bars altogether playing a variety of music soundtracks in each area. Two bottles of wine, shots and cocktails later, it was a great night of chatting and dancing. You can't find the diversity of night-life elsewhere in the world. London has something to keep everyone busy, and that's for sure.

Gigs in Kentish Town. With thousands of night-clubs, a good, converted theatre venue for gigs can still not be beaten in my books. Six60 visited London in May and threw an epic set, as they always do. Love seeing these guys on stage. Always have a good time, and even on a school night there was no stopping the crowd having an epic night. Now wishing this was an annual event. Please come back soon!