07 April 2013

One year on, Six places, Top plans...

It all started with a holiday to Thailand with friends. Then it became a one way giant leap across the globe to England.

Farewell banana and caramel cakes, from the best cake decorating friend around :)
The one year since leaving New Zealand milestone has arrived, today. Leaving family, friends, work, familiar surroundings to a city that is 5 times bigger than Wellington. What was I thinking...that's right travel opportunities. And having a blast along the way!

As I said in my first post, the last time I travelled was in 2001 to Japan. Look how far I've come: 
  • Thailand
  • England
  • Turkey
  • Egypt
  • Scotland
  • France
Six countries is a good effort, seeing as I have not been on a lengthy European tour. 

Top plans this year have to be more weekend trips to different cities and counties in England. Start to plan a trip in November for my birthday. Family also due to visit at the end of the year for Christmas. Lots to look forward to.

Can I aim to get to another six this time next year? I'm not sure, but willing to try.