31 March 2013

Bits & Bobs, London Living and VIENNA...

So, I remember the final words in the last post were the next season is on the way. Turns out Spring is not ready to make an appearance! Daffodils have bloomed, but the sleet and cold are those annoying 
guests that won't leave the party. Seriously though, I need some vitamin D back in my life!
Will quit whining about the weather now,  I chose to move to the UK and everyone knows about the bad reputation. 
Righteo - time to explain bits and bobs with a photo:

Where the notion to have a bowl for the odds and ends (must be a girl thing) came from who knows, but who cares. What a genius idea and I love it. Now, I've become obsessed in decorating the room with other bits and bobs. Thinking of a theme, colour palette and design pieces is a task. Researching interior design is the first step. Secretly, interior design is a passion and I want to get it perfect.

Proud moment time: After moving into the new house I realised the chest of draws in the room, below, were too small.  Far too narrow space for the amount of clothing sent over from New Zealand (thanks Mum) and many new purchases (whoops). Time to say hello to and experience IKEA. 

I wasn't unfamiliar with IKEA. Or the fact that items come in flat packs and need assembling. Couple of weeks living out of the suitcase was too long. When I could use with a bedside table and taller chest of draws searching the online catalogue was easy. To be honest, I knew exactly what I wanted. Having seen it and helped built first hand with a friend when she moved to London. To be different I got a white set - well actually it was cheaper. The time came and the order was delivered (one round trip from work to home and back again under an hour) it took me two days to build both sets of draws and only because I went out shopping on the first afternoon! Love the feeling of accomplishment.

Living in London is brilliant. One underground line from the house takes me to King's Cross St Pancras, work, Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Piccadilly Circus, Hyde Park, Kensington and most important Heathrow airport. Quick change can get me to Oxford Street for shopping purposes too. The night bus from Town (and because London is BIG, I mean Piccadilly Circus) was not bad either. Maybe after few ciders when sense of time is out of whack, taking the bus is acceptable.

Just over a month in London - little site seeing has been done. Wining and dining and movie-going, check, check and check! Will have to book weekends up with other exploring and activities. 

And now for something completely different...VIENNA! May 2013. First international trip of the year. 

I feel so prepared this time already buying the DK Eyewitness Top 10 guide. Flicking through I now know a) what is in Vienna, and b) what I want to see in the long weekend spent there. Excited much? Yes I am!