10 February 2013

Snow angel warnings, brrr it's cold, and bring on 2013...

I dedicate this post to first experiences in the big city...during the cold season. Starting off with letting the photos speak for themselves...

What a season it has been with a few of the many fun times celebrated:

Extended family gathering and meeting for the first time after Christmas.
Week night drinks in Leicester Square, going to see Les Miserable and The Hobbit on the big screen. Facebook group Kiwis in London drinks in Covent Garden.
Made the first snow man and snow angels...here is the warning: when making a snow angel gloves remain on or you lose a ring and the iPhone remain in bag or it drops out and the back light stops working.
Branched out and made a snow cat.

For the real fun, look no further than the insane pub crawl for Waitangi Day = drinking on the streets because the pubs were jam packed, and in New Zealand themed costume of sheepdogs, rounding up all the stray sheep. Bring it on again for 2014.

What else can I say? Oh of course; the cold! Temperatures lower than 4 during the day are rare from where I lived back in New Zealand. I'm used to wind chill factor, yet that is nothing compared to the cold here in London. How am I going to handle travelling anywhere else in the UK and Europe during winter? Places where cold is considered warm because its that freezing... That will be an experience to tell in the future.

Everything else experienced:

W is for woolly hats. Can you have too many? Never! Primani, H&M and Assessorize and all the markets here in London fuel the need to have an entire draw full! 

I is for indoors. While the weather decides to be nasty, keeping snug is key. Board games come out, favourite reads are re-read or a library visit to find new reads, this all happens. I loved my winter holiday indoors watching rubbish television and catching up on films from the year before. I could have gone into London to venture out. But hey it's OK to enjoy the excuse of staying indoors - for a short while!

N is for New home. Search starting in November is over. Move in T-minus one week to north London. Saying goodbye to long commutes and welcoming one-tube ride to and from work! If anyone tells you searching for a room in London is easy, well that's a lie. Here are some pointers I picked up...

1. Stick with two websites. My choice was Spareroom - because the free app was handy, and easy to use. The app and website layout was awesome.
2. Narrow your preferred area to a few with some "maybe I could see myself living there" places. Beats the fun of scrolling through ALL the results!
3. Having a job first allows extra knowledge of commuting routes / times / expenses and focus on potential areas.
4. Create an advert for yourself and when you find a home / people that looks amazing - sell yourself. I was reserved at first and received zero responses (so assumed it was the competing with hundred others). Then I upped my game, got more creative then, boom responses left, right, and centre. Perfect home found with great people.

T is for Time to find out what London offers in the off season. Jack the Ripper walking tour around east London was one way to be out and about in the freezing icy temperatures. Or time to plan a winter weekend getaway. Now, that I like. 

E is for Excited I have seen SNOW! Proper snowflakes falling from the sky, and settling on the ground lasting a good week. I wanted a white Christmas, but south of England produced nothing. Loved this taster of snow, bring on next winter. The search for a white Christmas will commence.

R is for Remember the next season is on the way. When the stores are already stock-piling spring fashions and winter clothes go on sale, the end of winter is near. Three months flash by! Two months into 2013 - I suspect this year is going to be a best last year. Bring it on!