31 October 2012

Big city, JCS and ready for the next trip...

From Paris to Holborn. Song reference, anyone?

Recently my travel exploits have been the following:
Catch one First Great Western train.
Catch a second First Great Western train.
Make way across the platform concord, down the steep escalators to the first London Underground line. Ride for five stops.
Change to the second London Underground Line. Ride two stops, get off.
Walk to destination.
Repeat process in reverse.
So travelling the last few months has been all kinds of fun, perhaps not the kind that's new and exciting. Instead it's loads of underground walking, standing, running, sitting and, in peak hours, squishing! This is my world in the the big city. Commuting. There are rules to be followed. There are certain places to stand. Get it wrong and you'll get walked all over.

Last week I became "one of those commuters." Before I share my story here is some background info:
the Underground has stand on the right signs on the escalators. Obviously this allows people room to walk up/down the left side. Many a visitor has been caught out by this rule, including myself. Now back to my story. On my way home from work, a family was in front with no clue headed for the escalator and stood on the left. I, in commuter mode, tried to get around them by walking down the left instead bumped right into the boy and huffed with annoyance. Could he not read the signs? Right then I knew I had stepped into the dark side.

Right now London has been all work, work, work. One highlight this month was seeing Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar at Wembley Arena. Saw the man himself at on stage at the end giving a speech AND got to see a Spice Girl live on stage, Mel C was Mary Magdalene. This is in my top 5 favourite musicals. Partial bias to other musicals. I directed Pilate's Dream and The Temple as part of a performing arts class assignment. Best class ever!

Travelling doesn't need to be international. Life in a big city, like London, has a lot to offer. You'll be surprised what you can see or do in a city of opportunity, with or without cost. You're always bound to find places never before seen. I'm from Wellington, New Zealand. It's not massive, yet there a corners worth visiting I never got round to. Why? I think people find there place, settle and that's that. Sure, I get that. For the curious folk out there or the folk that don't want to miss out. It's a challenge! Go see them all.

Now the hard earned income for the upcoming month will be spent on a South England long weekend road trip. Details on that travel adventure to be revealed soon!