29 September 2012

Prints, Polaroid’s and travel snaps right here…

Travelling and taking photos go hand in hand. 

To get the best photos you need to invest in a quality camera. My little Samsung is overtaken by new DSLR quality cameras. These cameras turn images into a professional style even when taken by an amateur photographer (like me) with no prior knowledge!

I got my eye on the Olympus PEN camera range – as featured in Glamour UK. The fact it comes in purple; of course I want it. Viewed the camera in a Jessop store and my first thoughts: little bigger than a standard digital camera, yet compact, super fast focus, fast picture taking (my camera is so slow), two interchangeable lenses and more affordable than the other original brands out there. It's final, I want one now!

Snapshots of Turkey –seen but BIGGER!
Colourful lanterns in the Grand Bazaar. Popular souvenirs – complicated to ship home. 
German fountain at Hippodrome of Constantinople. 
Blue Mosque entrance.
Hagia Sophia "Church of the Holy Wisdom of God" – the best site in Istanbul. 
Food market at Bursa.
Ephesus ruins. First shot out of the hundreds you take from this point forward.
Temple of Artemis – one of the seven wonders of the ancient world – at Ephesus. 
Akropolis ruins next to a purple flower tree in the mountains by Bergama. 
What's left of Troy.
Memorial at Chunuk Bair on Gallipoli peninsula - "Their name liveth for evermore"..