23 September 2012

Photos, snapshots and travel pictures galore…

With the next travel destination unknown (for now) a change of post style is looked-for. Just to shake things up a little.

Leaving the lengthy dialogues behind (for a while, they'll be back); I can focus on the best part of travelling: travel photos of EVERYTHING you see.

And here we go, the first photo post edition:

Snapshots of Phuket –seen but BIGGER

Jandal (thong or flip flop) tan-line feet in The Beach Koh Phi Phi sand. 

Monkey Island – feed the monkeys but hold onto those valuables these guys are little thieves. 

Phi Phi Don Island umbrellas.

First and the tastiest local cuisine from the Baan Yuree resort in Patong. 

Big Buddha – pretty big!
Patong beach – just after a thunder storm and intense rain down pour.

Favourite flowers – Frangipani floating in water.
Lightening fork from resort balcony in Patong.

Frog in the hole at Dino Park, Karon
Snorkling in the clear water next to an island paradise backdrop.