29 July 2012

Jolly Good, Deer and English History…

Now my account on the city of Edinburgh is published, I paused for a minute. Oops I haven’t yet mentioned the country I've been in for the last three months! England that is.

Sitting here in the English country side of Berkshire, a stone throw away from London, putting pen to paper for this post it dawns on me that there is a lot to be said. Too much for one post even. So I’ll break it down and tell you all about my time here so far. Now where should I start?

I’ve managed to procrastinate for some weeks now, finding it difficult to convey my feelings and experiences about this place.

Those of you who know me will understand the effort it (eventually) took me to cross the globe. Leaving New Zealand was long overdue. Coming to England however was always on the cards. Following in my parents footsteps I suppose. Now I’m here I feel the satisfaction one does when achieving a life dream. One of the hardest accomplishments I’ve completed in my life and it’s awesome. So proud to be here and ready to take over ha-ha.

So what it all comes down to my friends is that everything here is just fine fine fine. No wait its jolly good. Yet the next accomplishment (or take over plan) is to secure my place. That starts with getting a J.O.B. So though I have procrastinated from publishing what I’ve been up to, I can blame that on my important job hunting efforts. After two months of seeing countless recruitment agencies, completing testing (which I got better and better at!), amending the CV and applying for ever y job out there I finally received an offer. Second accomplishment: done.

Next is the fun stuff of finding a place to live. Maybe I’ll leave that adventure for another post.

What I love most about England? It’s the oldness that remains in many areas. May not compare to the ancient cities such as Ephesus or Luxor but it’s this history we know more about. What I really love is that feeling like I can be someone new. Free falling into a new world. It can only get better from here!

I mentioned a deer in the title. It's small but you can make it out in the picture second from the bottom right.

Keep Calm and Carry On, now the tradition from previous posts…

E is for English accents. Enough said! Or too much is said, apparently the English waffle on…so I think I’m going to fit in.

N is for No I’m not Australian. Waiting for the train one evening I ended up giving direction for the first time. The man asked me “are you from Australia?” My reply “No, not at all. I’m from New Zealand.” “Oh that’s good. I’ve been there and thought it was most excellent.” I might have made that last bit up but his response did make me laugh. The way he said oh good came across as he much preferred New Zealanders, as he should!

G is for Green. From what I have seen so far of the countryside here it’s pretty green. So is New Zealand greener? I’ve been following The Hobbit video blogs (don’t judge I just support our talent) and many of the British actors gushed over the beautiful landscape that is New Zealand. Do they not think England has its own unique beauty? There are amazing locations here too to explore. And explore I will.

L is for London. To be continued…in a separate post. I did say there was a lot for me to mention.

A is for Ancestry. The main factor in choosing to move to England is my family heritage began here. My father’s great grandfather and great grandmothers side of the family was published into a book. I have eight generations worth of names and birth places entered into a family tree that starts in Denmark to England to New Zealand. My mother’s mother and grandparents were born in England and came to New Zealand after WW2. I have researched five generations that starts in Ireland. My mission while I am in England is to complete more research on both sides of my family tree and see the places my ancestors are from.

N is for Nice weather. Stories about the dreary weather are no longer fiction but fact. In the photo collage above I captured some sun, clouds and the torrential rain with the thunder / lightening storms frequenting the skies. Do I dare say, in case it never happens again, that the heat waves occurring now are hotter than anything experienced back home during summer. I’m roasting when the sun beams (and not getting burnt either, bonus). Touch wood, fingers crossed and all of that in hope it lasts.

D is for Differences. The best quote I heard in Thailand was “same, same but different”. It applies everywhere. The best example I found for the differences over here is something everyone will recognise. McDonalds. On the menu there are no burgers. Yes, no burgers, they are sandwiches (but you do get a burger). You now ask what do they call sandwiches? Well a sandwich of course!